Mastertec Australia

Smarter Light, Simpler Thinking

Mastertec Australia is a subsidiary of Mastertec Holdings Limited, operating as an independent sales organisation within Australia and New Zealand.

The Mastertec Group incorporates its own manufacturing facilities, specialised technology development centres for power supplies, lighting and control fixtures and software/ control interfaces.

Established OEM Lighting Supplier

Established for over 20 years as a quality supplier of lighting products to OEM customers in Europe, South America, Australia, and parts of Africa and Asia.

Dedicated Long-term

Building on a strong background in product development and technology leadership, the progression to manufacture and distribution has been gradual but carefully planned. Similarly its dedication to its customer base and longevity of its technologies are central to its success.

Pioneer in LED

An early entrant to LED in 2009 It quickly moved to encapsulate the technology and drive the market with cost effective/innovative product.

Control and Quality Focus

As demand grew exponentially, it was clear that Mastertec needed total control of their design, development and manufacturing pipeline to meet the range, price, quality, and flexibility demands of the market. Mastertec moves toward vertical integration of core elements of the technology identified as essential to success…

View to the Future

As LED progresses the value proposition to residential, commercial and Industrial customers now needs to look beyond efficiencies to meet expectations – comfort, control, scalability, security. Development of sensing and control technologies are melded throughout the fabric of Mastertec’s Offer.

Core Technologies

Power Supplies

Phase/ 0-10V/ DALI dimmable, Colour change, Unit addressable, sensor/ IP control and Bluetooth interface.

IOT Control

SuperFlex (Superior control flexibility) and AutoFlex (Autonomous control) supported with proprietary sensor/ control modules and remotes.

Emergency Power Supply

Integrated or modular Emergency pack offering 2 hour back up for linked luminaries – fast charge, standby facilities.