Illumo & Charismo SuperFLEX


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Illumo SMD Downlight

Diffused Lens

CRI>90/ UGR<25 / 110° beam angle

Intelligent phase dimmable driver

Colour tune 2700K - 5000K

Sizes from 110mm to 280mm

Brightness from 700Lm to 4000Lm

Power usage from 8W to 40W

Charismo COB Downlight

Recessed Lens

CRI>90/ UGR<19 / 90° beam angle

Sizes from 110mm to 245mm

Brightness 700Lm - 4000Lm

Power usage 8W - 40W


EveryDAY ED19 Panel

Diffused Lens

CRI>90 / UGR<19 / 120° beam angle

SuperFLEX Driver

Colour temperature from 3000K to 6000K

DECO (Decorative Panel) and Track Mount available

Sizes 595 x 595 x 9mm or 1195 x 595 x 9mm

Custom sizes available on request

Brightness 3500Lm

Power usage 35W

ED19 Pro Panel


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Charismo Track Lights

Track Lights

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Charismo Track Lights

Product Colour Available in Black or White

Sizes Ø66 + 121mm (226mm total) and Ø89 + 153mm (257mm total)

IP20 / CRI>90 / UGR<23 / 38° beam angle

Colour temperature 2700K - 5000K

Brightness from 1000Lm to 3000Lm

Power usage from 11W to 30W

Track & Track Accessories

Available on Request