A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting


Residential Outdoor Lighting

The use of outdoor lighting increases as summer rolls on and we start to get used to the warmer evenings, but as the sun goes down lighting can be a problem. As always, safety should be your first priority, so think about step lighting and sudden changes of level such as the edges of decking, dark areas where you may not see people or things in your path. Next, is the existing lighting in the right place to illuminate the area you are using, is glare an issue? Finally, are colours becoming distorted does your BBQ steak suddenly look grey or you can no longer tell if its cooked? But remember, even darkness can be good if it hides the less attractive areas such as your bins or compost heap.  So it’s important to use light effectively.

Good quality and well positioned LED lighting is ideal to make outdoor areas both serviceable and comfortable. When looking at the area think carefully as to what you want to achieve.

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting
A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Security

Security lights should be positioned and only bright enough to provide enough light to see all accessible areas, (trip or fall hazards should be permanently illuminated). Similarly, poorly positioned or over bright outdoor lighting can cause hazards as they can cause momentary blindness when transitioning from dark to light or leave dead spots.
If you are going to use a sensor, similarly, it should be positioned to target active passageways and be set at a height such that the local cat or wildlife is not triggering it all night long.

LED Lighting for Entertaining

Entertaining areas ideally are illuminated indirectly to provide adequate light and prevent glare. Brighter task lighting in a warmer colour should be positioned over work surfaces such as outdoor kitchens or BBQ’s.

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting
A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting
A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

General Outdoor Lighting

General garden highlighting. In today’s urban environment its rarely truly dark, so some simple background outdoor lighting may be enough to see your way around. A careful review of your area can give rise to subtle design effects.

  • Soft general lighting over the entire area is good but think of highlighting features to provide pools of light.
  • Ground or eave mounting fixtures illuminating flat surfaces such as walls and paving provide contrast of shadows and can make areas look bigger and provide bold and dramatic visage for you to enjoy.
  • Plants and features can be highlighted but ensure you use a warmer colour.  White light rather than coloured lights as natural colours are always better and provide an inviting environment. Remember some plants are not at their best all year round so being able to turn off highlights during their worst period may be a good feature.

So, when considering what type of lighting fixture to use think of the application, mood or features you enjoy seeing. Floodlights are great for general illumination but similarly IP rated battens, spotlights or even downlights mounted under eaves can provide variation and highlights. Sensors (both movement and light level) and timers can give additional security and energy saving potential.

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For all enquiries, email [email protected] or call 1300 436 533 for one of our sales representatives to assist you with your needs.

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Residential LED Floodlights

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

Residential LED Battens

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

Residential LED Downlights

A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

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A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

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A Guide to Residential LED Outdoor Lighting

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