Kitchen Lighting Design – Utilise Your Space!

Kitchen Lighting Design – Utilise Your Space!

Kitchen Lighting Design – Utilise Your Space

In days gone by, the kitchen was a mere utilitarian room, not unlike the laundry or bathroom. But this has changed over the last few decades.  Kitchens are no longer frequently built as a separate room, concealed by a doorway from the dining area.  Today’s kitchens are more likely than not, part of the entertaining and living space, just like the lounge room. As such, kitchen lighting design has entered a new era too.

Modern kitchens and dining rooms are even likely to be a continuation of the main living area of a household.  Whether this is a natural consequence of recognising that food and the enjoyment thereof is an instrumental part of entertaining and daily living, or that it is simply a way of being able to keep eyes on what’s happening around the house while preparing food, modern kitchens are a prominent feature of the house that is on permanent display to all who may visit.

Lighting the modern kitchen.

With the kitchen coming into greater focus as part of the living area of a home, it seems a pity that so many kitchens are still being illuminated as a solely utilitarian space.  What if a kitchen could provide both utilitarian, functionally-oriented lighting when required, as well as ambient lighting when used as a living or entertaining space?

When working in the kitchen (particularly when using hot or sharp equipment) bright, clear, task-focussed lighting is a must. Preferably such that it eliminates any overshadowing of the working area.  Under the usual lighting conditions, it may be unavoidable that overshadowing can be totally avoided as one moves about the kitchen.  Use of directional lighting features, such as downlights or track lighting, can go a long way to providing perfect, task-based illumination. As long as you ensure that lights are positioned appropriately to prevent overshadowing while also illuminating the deepest nooks and crannies of the preparation areas.

Bright, cool lighting with a colour temperature of 3,000K or 4,000K will ensure clear illumination of tasks while displaying foods in true colour.

Operation VS Recreation. 

That’s all well and good for when someone’s cooking, but what about when the space is turned over to living or entertainment purposes – that calls for suitable ambient lighting.  Using lighting with a warmer colour temperature of 2,700K or 3,000K will help to set a more informal, more inviting and warmer environment, even for a space as utilitarian as a kitchen.  As the warmer lighting washes over vertical surfaces (such as walls, cupboards, and the vertical spaces of benches), the room will appear bigger, while enhancing the appearance of contrast between objects and edges.

To enhance the third dimension of the room, and add that extra layer of sophistication, add a little accent lightingAccent lighting adds that ‘special feel’ if used sparingly.  Use it to highlight artwork, architectural features, collectables, or over food presentation areas.  With the considered use of decorative light fittings (for example, pendant lighting over a bar area), a kitchen can become a unique statement as well as set the mood, taking the kitchen from a mere food preparation area into a true entertainment space.

Charismo for your kitchen

When it comes to versatile downlighting and track lighting options, emLight’s Charismo range is a perfect choice.  Not only does the Charismo range offer suitable, low glare lighting options, it can also be conveniently tailored to suit your requirements.  With SuperFlex technology, kitchen lights can be grouped on the fly without need for wiring modifications.  Grouped lights can then be programmed with presets, enabling the kitchen to go from utilitarian food preparation area to dining and entertaining with the press of a button.  Switching between dimming levels and cool or warm spectrum lighting is as easy as a touch of a button.  Set your ambient background lighting, set your spot lighting, and set your highlights, and you’re good to change between requirements at a moment’s notice.

EmLight’s Charismo range can do all this and more. To truly light the hub of your home in a manner it deserves, contact us about Charimso today.

Best Value Tip to Buy LED Downlights Online

Our number one tip is always to buy direct from the manufacturer where possible.  Cut out the middle man – you’re not only going to save money by keeping the commission that the middle man would have taken from you, but you’re going to be dealing direct with the company who manufacture these products.  The manufacturer knows their products inside-out so it makes sense that they can provide you with the most accurate and updated information on all of their products.


Choosing The Right Lights

EmLight offer a free lighting design service.  This can be done by phone, in person or you can complete an online Lighting Design form.  We’ll look at all your applications and requirements and discuss with you the best products to create your optimal spaces.

Of course, you can buy LED downlights online without going through this process, but you might be surprised at how much better your space can be – with a simple, free consultation to point you in the right direction!

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Kitchen Lighting Design – Utilise Your Space!

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