Office Lighting Beyond the Norm

Office Lighting Beyond the Norm

Office Lighting Beyond the Norm

Prior to the invention of artificial light, humans lived in a world defined by the available light from the sun.  The cooler, bluer tones of the ambient light of the greater part of the middle of the day, with warmer tones dominating at the dawn and dusk, the daily light cycle of the planet has been key in determining human activity cycles.

Dawn and dusk lighting served to gradually wake humans from their rest, as well as to slowly prepare us for a good nights’ sleep.  The sharp, cooler blue tones of the main part of the day heightened our concentration, enabling us to more easily maintain levels of alertness and focus.

Circadian Rhythms

Over our evolution, this light cycle helped to determine our Circadian rhythms, influencing the release of neurotransmitters and hormones that facilitate bodily functions and influence our daily cycles.  Indeed: the influence of the light cycle and its perception by the brain are key triggers in maintaining these cycles in a healthy manner.

Study after study confirm the negative health effects incurred when humans are forced to work out of sync from the natural light cycle, as well as when people are required to work separated from natural light for the majority of their lives.  In particular, studies relating to shift workers have highlighted just how important this regulatory cycle is in maintaining good, long-term health.

Office Lighting Beyond the Norm

Better Office Lighting. 

That’s where the Everyday ED19 series of lighting options come into play.  You want employees to be happy and healthy; it means higher morale and less downtime from illness.  Your employees also want the same; less fatigue and a healthier life mean getting more out of their own time.

The ED19 series of office lighting options enables workspaces to be lit in a way more compatible with that of the needs of the human body.  With the SuperFLEX interface, office lighting needs can be balanced with that of the human being.  You can use SuperFLEX to find the best balance between lighting appropriate for the needs of the work tasks being performed and that of your employees’ health requirements.


From electronics laboratories to kitchens spaces, through to outdoor and even industrial areas, the ED19 range can provide a coordinated system of lighting for your workspace.  It doesn’t matter whether that workspace is an art gallery with picture spotlighting or a restaurant with separate kitchen and dining lighting requirements, the ED19 range can provide a suitable combination of lighting products to meet both business and human needs.

With lighting options including IP65 certified weatherproofing, options can even be extended to wet or damp areas, as well as chemical and dust exposure.  This extends the availability of lighting options to such locations as external and outdoor areas, clean rooms, and laboratories.

Human Physiological Needs

And, for a bonus positive business impact, a well-lit environment that caters for human physiological needs means that clients, customers, and patrons will also benefit from the positive effects of human-friendly lighting.  It may make all the difference between a marathon client meeting that leaves everyone feeling drained versus the participants feeling as good when they walk out as they did when they walked in.

Needless to say, clients leaving without feeling fatigued or drained are more likely to remember more of the proceedings and to have a greater general sense of well-being, making your premises a good place to visit.

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Office Lighting Beyond the Norm
Office Lighting Beyond the Norm

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