Security Lighting – Simplicity is Key with AutoFLEX-B

Security Lighting – Simplicity is Key with AutoFLEX-B

Security Lighting -Simplicity is key with AutoFLEX-B

Security lighting is a major component of property security – whether it’s your home or business, security is always paramount. The best security system always relies on being able to see issues when, if not before they happen. Old technologies relied on fluorescent’s or halogen light sources which were manual or additional timers, light level and or movement sensors.  These old technologies leave too many opportunities for multiple failures to occur, significantly reducing their efficacy.

LED lights are a long term reliable light source, typically 10 times the life of previous technologies, and being solid state devices are easily integrated directly with sensors to provide functionality and convenience. There are a few simple steps to optimise your security lighting to suit your needs, save money and give you peace of mind…

External Light management:

All external areas can be assessed by their usage and their security needs. An area that is in use at all hours, or that you hold serious security concerns for will need lighting throughout the hours of darkness, and will probably be supported by a CCTV system. Light levels and activity need to be managed but does the lighting need to be on 100% all the time?

On the other hand, rarely accessed or out of normal usage hour spaces need only be maintained with low level security lighting which activate only when needed.

Consider others:

Lighting areas other than your own can cause unneeded conflict, or worse case – can inadvertently create a hazard.  A poorly directed light source can distract or momentarily blind a driver, alternatively simply lighting up a neighbours bedroom when you get home late can have ramifications you are not prepared for.

Integrate technologies:

Once you have reviewed your requirement and ensured you only get light where you need it. Choose your required lighting such as floodlights for broad area illumination, battens and/or ceiling lights for smaller areas. For peace of mind having an all in one LED fixture which operates autonomously makes life easy. The AutoFLEX-B range of battens, floods and ceiling lights provide a variety of options:

  • daylight sensing (Only operating between Dusk and Dawn),
  • Activity Sensing,
  • time out facility and if required
  • 20% standby lighting.

So whether you are looking at updating your home or business, EmLight have a solution to suit your needs. Call today and we will be only too happy to assist you identify the best lighting solution…

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