See your Dad in the best possible light this Fathers Day!

See your Dad in the best possible light this Fathers Day!

See your Dad in the best possible light.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, It’s time to start thinking about Dad and all he does for the family. Every Dad is different. Some are sporty, some like the outdoors, some love tinkering with cars, some like entertaining, some are makers and fixers, and some are the best cooks in the world.

Whatever your Dad is into, when Father’s Day rolls around each year, we want to go out of our way to show our appreciation and love. 

The age-old question of what to get Dad.

Every year it’s the same old question: What on earth do we get Dad? You’ve been down the socks and undies route too many times, he’s seen all the latest DVDs, and you’ve no idea what books he likes to read.

So, to avoid another last-minute rush to get him some of those expensive chocolates that you know he’ll demolish in five minutes, how about a lasting gift to literally light up his life? A gift that will not only benefit him but the whole family (Dad won’t mind, we’re sure).

See Dad’s lighter side and arrange to have some really cool lighting installed in all of his favourite areas around the home — his workshop, the garage, the outdoor entertaining/BBQ patio area.

Change Dad over to LED.

You know Dad loves saving a dollar wherever he can, so change your existing lighting over to LEDs. Good quality lighting is key to maximising any area’s facilities and with LED lighting you get can both. LED lights have a long list of advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lights, not the least of which is an incredibly long lifespan and energy savings of more than 90%.

But the LED lighting options don’t end there, treat Dad even further with the range of smarter lighting solutions from emLight. Beautiful, thoughtful, and aesthetically designed LED lighting panels, battens, downlights, floodlights, tracklights or the Domo Ceiling light provides homeowners (read Dad) with a level of flexibility never before seen in home lighting. 

Wherever he’s working or playing, inside or out, there’s a dynamic LED lighting solution to ensure Dad always looks on the bright side.

LED lighting for tech-savvy Dads.

What Dad doesn’t love the challenge of figuring out a remote control? Well, here’s another one to add to his coffee table. EmLight panels, battens, downlights, floodlights, tracklights or Domo ceiling lights are available with Superflex and Autoflex automation.

Superflex is a simple, smart technology that incorporates advanced lighting management, including multiple lighting control options, without complexity or expense. Think dimming, scene-setting, and colour temperature variation. 

Autoflex B and Autoflex are automated interactive lighting systems featuring daylight and occupancy sensitivity as both an individual autonomous operation, or as a group interaction, plus timing options to maximise energy savings.

Light up Dad’s Fathers Day.

EmLight can provide the LED lighting solution you need with either fixed colour or via our Superflex dynamic lighting option that allows you to tailor the lighting to suit any area. Talk to us today about how we can make your Dad’s day with a selection of smarter lighting. Or shop online right here.

Best Value Tip to Buy LED Downlights Online

Our number one tip is always to buy direct from the manufacturer where possible.  Cut out the middle man – you’re not only going to save money by keeping the commission that the middle man would have taken from you, but you’re going to be dealing direct with the company who manufacture these products.  The manufacturer knows their products inside-out so it makes sense that they can provide you with the most accurate and updated information on all of their products.


Choosing The Right Lights

EmLight offer a free lighting design service.  This can be done by phone, in person or you can complete an online Lighting Design form.  We’ll look at all your applications and requirements and discuss with you the best products to create your optimal spaces.

Of course, you can buy LED downlights online without going through this process, but you might be surprised at how much better your space can be – with a simple, free consultation to point you in the right direction!

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See your Dad in the best possible light this Fathers Day!

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