Tips to Buy LED Downlights Online

Tips to Buy LED Downlights Online

Looking to buy LED downlights online but not really sure where to start or what factors to consider? LED lighting is such a versatile product – their benefits go way beyond simply saving money compared to the old-style halogen products we’re all so used to seeing.

Consider the Application

Before you buy LED downlights online – think about where you’ll be putting them and what benefits you want to get from them.  Your first reaction to this might be: “I want to light up a room..!”.  Yes – well that probably seems obvious!  But if you actually stop and think about it – what will you be doing in that room?

The lighting you have over a kitchen preparation area should be different to the lighting you have in a relaxation space like a lounge room, and will be different to the lighting you should have over study spaces or spaces where concentration and productivity need to happen.

Bedroom lighting is an interesting one because at different times of the day, the lighting in your room should be tailored to the mindset you’re trying to achieve.  When you’re reading to the kids at night and trying to settle them in for a good nights sleep, you need softer, warmer lighting to promote a sense of calm and restfulness.  Conversely, in the morning when you need them up and out of bed, getting ready for a busy day ahead, cooler brighter lighting is going to get you better results.

The Automation Phase

As with all technology, we see phases come and go.  A percentage of the population always jump on board to try out the latest craze, and then we find ourselves being distracted by the next great invention.  When you look to buy LED downlights online, you probably never thought that automation was a factor to consider.  Or maybe you did and that’s why you’re here!

There’s a view out there that lighting automation is for lazy people – get up, out of your seat, and flick the switch!  That’s what automation is all about right?  Wrong!

LED lighting products have such an amazing role to play in our lives these days.  It’s not about being lazy, it’s about creating the best atmosphere for the purpose of your space.  So just as we talked about considering the application above, there are products available to you right now that can achieve those things – automatically!

We can now control the colour and brightness of our lighting with ease, and it’s not expensive or difficult to use.

What to look for

There’s a few factors to consider, depending on how technical you want to get.  Consider some of the following before you buy LED downlights online:

  • Connection – Does it need to be hard-wired or is it ‘plug and play’? Plug and play means no electrician costs!
  • Glare ratings – Look for a low UGR (Unified Glare Rating). A lower UGR means lower glare – which means less strain on your eyes.  Look for a UGR ≤ 19
  • Colour accuracy – Look for a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index). A higher the CRI means that objects will look truer to their actual colour under artificial lighting when compared to being viewed under natural sunlight. Look for CRI ≥ 90 for great colour results.
  • Beam angle – this is about how far-spread the light is from the light source. 60 to 120 degrees for a downlight gives an excellent spread of light.
  • Warranty – is your product guaranteed to last?

Best Value Tip to Buy LED Downlights Online

Our number one tip is always to buy direct from the manufacturer where possible.  Cut out the middle man – you’re not only going to save money by keeping the commission that the middle man would have taken from you, but you’re going to be dealing direct with the company who manufacture these products.  The manufacturer knows their products inside-out so it makes sense that they can provide you with the most accurate and updated information on all of their products.


Choosing The Right Lights

EmLight offer a free lighting design service.  This can be done by phone, in person or you can complete an online Lighting Design form.  We’ll look at all your applications and requirements and discuss with you the best products to create your optimal spaces.

Of course, you can buy LED downlights online without going through this process, but you might be surprised at how much better your space can be – with a simple, free consultation to point you in the right direction!

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Tips to Buy LED Downlights Online

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