Toward Human-Friendly Office Lighting

Toward Human-Friendly Office Lighting

Toward Human-Friendly Office Lighting

Have you ever worked alongside a co-worker who has experienced dissatisfaction with the office lighting?  Or even been that person yourself?  Well, you’re not alone.  Complaints about office lighting from employees are not uncommon, and not exactly baseless.  Employees may report experiencing issues such as headaches, irritability, fatigue, eye strain, poor concentration, and sleep disruption.

Exposure to Artificial Office Lighting

Where this results in absenteeism and decreased job satisfaction, undue financial costs may be placed upon a company from employee health and productivity perspectives, as well as possible work, health, and safety concerns.  Notably, the average office-bound employee is likely to be exposed to an average minimum of 3,500 hours per year under artificial lighting, including that from their own homes after work and on weekends.

The Negative Effects

The negative effects of artificial office lighting are generally attributed to relatively constant exposure in terms of brightness and colour across the day, instead of varying in intensity and colour as natural sunlight does across the day.  This has been shown to affect the circadian rhythms of the body, disrupting many of the body’s processes.

The blue light commonly found in high intensities from TV’s, computer monitors, and the screens of mobile devices have especially been shown to suppress the production of melatonin, the key hormone in regulating the body’s sleep cycle.  Sleep is important to a vast majority of the body’s processes, including healing and rejuvenation, and almost everybody knows what it is like to experience some sort of sleep deprivation – imagine the impact upon a workforce that is constantly sleep deprived.

It is also generally well-established that sleep deprived, irritable, and dissatisfied employees more likely to have increased rates of absenteeism and be generally less productive.  However, consider that lapses in concentration and general tiredness may also factor into an increased rate of workplace work, and safety issues, including incidents and accidents.

Needless to say, a way of mitigating the negative effects of lengthy exposure to artificial lighting systems would be to include more human-friendly lighting systems in workplace fit-outs.

Modern LED Office Lighting

Modern LED lighting techniques are now able to offer a more human-friendly alternative to the harsh artificial lighting of the past, and EmLight is proud to be able to offer such a solution with the SuperFLEX EveryDay 19 LED Panel lighting range.

When coupled with the SuperFLEX remote control, the EveryDay 19 LED lighting panel offers a lighting solution that is more accommodating to the needs of the average human, with the ability to customize lighting to the needs of the individual or the workplace environment.

Each panel offers low glare and no flickering, helping to alleviate or even avoid discomfort and headaches, whilst the stability of the high colour rendering and diffused lensing produces the perfect lighting, better matching that of natural light.

SuperFLEX Solutions

The SuperFLEX range also allows for light dimming and colour change, whether for an individual panel or a group of panels, enabling the perfect optimisation of lighting for a given area. Additionally, the larger SuperFLEX range provides for various configurations with respect to size, colour selection, and mounting options.

The wider range also incorporates other types of fittings, including downlights and tracklights, providing a consistent approach to your lighting solution.

Do not forget comfort in any lighting installation is the most important issue and with LED Lighting, your choices may be with you for many years to come!

Toward Human-Friendly Office Lighting

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