Winter is Coming…

Winter is Coming…

We’ve had a long hot summer where there’s light all around us – but winter is coming, and all too soon however it will be grey days and long cold nights. We need to prepare now to defend against letting the winter blues set in. As we spend more time indoors, we need to recognise that artificial light does not only help you see, it triggers physical and emotional reactions.

Cool blue or Warm yellow?

Notice how you feel more energetic and generally in a good mood over summer but darker days of winter can drain you and get you down. This is a natural reaction to changes in light over the day.

Daylight moves from warmer yellower tones in the morning and evening to cooler bluer tones in the middle of the day. This sets our body’s internal clock and regulates awareness and intensity level (circadian rhythm) – getting the balance right means we feel and sleep better.

The shorter days and grey skies in winter intensify the time spent in artificial light but we need balance.

Getting the balance right!

There is no substitute for natural light and nothing better for us, but in reality we are all spending less time with its benefits. LED Lighting not only gives energy and $ savings but provides options which can help us get through the winter blues.  

After a day in the office under cool Fluorescent lights, having warmer tones (2700K/ 3000K) at home makes it inviting.  It brings with it a sense of relaxed calm and are closest in tone to the old incandescent lamp and dichroic downlight colours of yesteryear.

Of course, in warmer weather and in certain applications the cooler colours can work but for winter feel good, try the warmer hues to get the balance of the day’s natural light rhythm right!

What are your options?

EmLight offer a range of LED Lighting options to suit all applications. Replacement or new installations can be energised with the right lighting.

Talk to us today about your lighting needs and we will assist to provide you the solution you need with either fixed colour or via our SuperFLEX system – a dynamic lighting option which will allow you to tailor the lighting to suit the season, your mood or application.

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared to have a warm, cosy home with optimal lighting to get you through the colder days.

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